Our Story

By independent restaurateurs Kate Alleston and Neil Mannifield

We established MARKET in 2015 to introduce our take on innovative modern tapas to our favourite area of our city. Situated in Brunswick, we hope MARKET brings our passion for all things Spanish to life in our Brighton & Hove home.

It’s a cultural thing

We find the Spanish food and drink culture captivating. From it’s amazing diversity, to how the Spanish cook, how they serve and how they enjoy their food and drink. From the tiniest spit-n-sawdust tapas bars on the back streets of Seville, to the high-end Michelin starred restaurants of San Sebastian, in our view, Spain has it all… and we love it! Market is our expression of this love for everything Iberian.

Welcome to Market

42 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1JD
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